Isoculture was a collaborative project initiated by critical design studio Burton Nitta. Aim of the project was to speculate on the possibility of a self-sustaining community in complete isolation. The underpinning idea was that all the resources necessary for life preservation and continuation were produced by the human bodies with minimum to zero external materials.  Designers, scientists and artists came together in a series of generative workshops to discuss life in isolation, generate ideas and create artefacts and contextualising material.

Based on an original idea by the Isoculture member Dr. Claudia Baba, I developed a contextualising scenario that told the origin story of the Isoculture colony. In a not so distant future and under the threat of an upcoming asteroid collision, humanity braces itself for life in a hostile environment. Emerging technologies, speculative architecture and new materials are leveraged to support life in previously uninhabited parts of the planet: underwater and the dessert. Despite technological effectiveness, it is the collisions between humans that make the evacuation of the planet inevitable.

Photos from Burton Nitta.