Design Research

The works here took place between 2015 and 2019 at the Royal College of Art, London (RCA). During those years I was an interaction designer and researcher in two projects. The first one was the Open Food at Design Products, a 6-year program with a consortium involving UK universities and industries. Open Food was an EPSRC funded project that focused on open food innovation by better linking people’s ways of making with new spaces and experiences. Our design team focused on investigating the tacit and embodied knowelde that goes into making a dish, and proposed a number of concept places and tehcnologies that celebrate these, instead of replacing them. The second project was at the Burberry Material Futures Research Group (BMFRG). BMFRG’s research spanned sustainable materials, future manufacturing, consumer experience and product interaction to propose new realities that re-couple use of materials resources to human wellbeing and economic development. My role there was to envision and protoype new consumer interactions with new biomaterials in speculative retail spaces.