I am a postdisciplninary designer, social researcher, and tutor, currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Bristol. I hold a BEng in Electrical & Computer Engineering, and an MSc with distinction in Design from Brunel University. My doctoral research revolves around exploring meaningful work based on non-capitalistic values, and envisioning technologies that support and amplify that. Before that, I was a research associate at the Royal College of Art, where I conducted participatory research on more sustainable and inclusive food and textile production systems. I am also a lecturer on creativity at the universities of Brunel and Bristol, and I review papers in human-computer interaction for conferences like CHI and IndiaHCI. My artistic and creative work includes board & video games, posters, books, web graphics, animations, and workshop facilitation. You might have seen some of it at the Venice Architecture Biennale, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Royal College of Art, the Science Gallery, London, and elsewhere.

Say hello at hello@parisselinas.io


MSc Integrated Product Design, Brunel University, London (2011-2012)
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2001-2006, MSc equivalent 5 year programme )


HOME/WORK, HackAthens, Onassis Stegi (2020) 
Challenging the Work Society, a conference on post-work: The Dictionary of Work, Birkbeck, London (2019)
The Institute of Patent Infringement, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (2018)
The Institute of Patent Infringement, V&A Digital Design Weekend (2018)
The Institute of Patent Infringement, Venice Architecture Biennale, Dutch Pavillion: WORK, BODY, LEISURE (2018)
Royal College of Art, Work In Progress Show (2016)
Victoria & Albert Museum, Digital Futures: Space Apps (2014)
Victoria & Albert Museum, Digital Futures: Space Apps (2013)
Design Museum, The Future Is Here, Wandular (2013)
Watermans, Isoculture (2013)
OXO Tower, Made in Brunel, MSc Graduate Show (2012)


Talks & Interviews
HackAthens 2020: Stories of Athens, Ars Elecrtonica (2020)
Sustainable, Ethical, Innovation: “The Sustainable, Ethical Human”, Win3DP Lab, Here East, London (2019)
Work Fictions: Stories of Automated Work, Seventh of Clubs, Zima Bar, London (2019)
V&A Digital Futures: Future Food (2018)
Interview at Design Decode (2018)
Crossing Over, Royal College of Art, London (2016)
Doing it Together Science, University College London (2016)
66th International Astronautical Congress, Jerusalem (2015)
Open Food: Design for Open Food Innovation, Product Realisation Lab, Stanford University, USA (2015)
International Space Apps Challenge by NASA, Dana Centre, Science Museum, London (2014)
International Space Apps Challenge by NASA, Google Campus, London (2013)
Design for Repurposing: Make Anything for Nothing, Digital Shoreditch, London (2013)


Assistant Teacher, Organisational Creativity, MSc Management, University of Bristol (2020)
Visiting Lecturer, MSc Integrated Product Design, Brunel University (2018-)
Thesis supervisor, Brunel University, MSc Integrated Product Design (2015 & 2017)
Assistant tutor, Cross-Modal Food Design, Human Culture Theme, Design Products, Royal College of Art (2016)
Mentor, RETASTE Greece – A food design future, Design Alley, TEDx (2016) 


Events & Workshops
Navigating Power and Menopause at Work, Science Gallery London (2020)
Qualified Selves: Co-Creating Meaning Post-Big Data, Lancaster (2019)
Public Safety Communications Conference, Lancaster (2019)
The Internet of Public Safety Things, Lancaster University (2018)
Spoke: The Design Science Fiction Boardgame, Evan Raskob & Paris Selinas, V&A Digital Design Weekend (2018)
Food Fictions, design fiction exhibition and dining experience, guest panellist (2017)
Floating Class Worksop, Solutions at the Sea, workshop facilitator (2017)
Open Kitchen, food design workshop, Imperial Festival (2017)
Doing it Together Science, University College London (2016)
Film screening and discussion, “Like Water for Chocolate”, University College London (2016)
Human-Centered Design Through Food, Royal College of Art (2016)
Food and Packaging Innovation, workshop co-organiser and facilitator, London Design Festival (2013)

Distinctions and Awards

Full PhD Scholarship, University of Bristol, Faculty of Social Sciences and Law (2019)
Finalist, top 20, International Space Apps Challenge by NASA  (2014)
Winner, British Telecom (BT) Home of the Future Challenge (2012)
MSc Integrated Product Design, Distinction (2012)


Selby, M., and Selinas, P. (2020): “Action Recipes: Paper Cooking for Embodied Recipes”, Apria (2020)

Sharon B., Petreca B., Selinas P., Selby M., Flintham M. (2020): “Modalities of Expression: Capturing Embodied Knowledge in Cooking”. Fourteenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction, Australia. 

Escalante Luján M., Büscher M., Tsevekles E., Andersen M., Nielsen L., Selinas P., Muffat L., Robbins J. (2019): “Ethics through Design: Medical data systems, chronically ill data subjects, and all the invisible things in between”. Design Revolutions, International Association of Societies of Design Research Conference, Manchester School of Arts, Manchester.

Pantidi K., Selinas P., Martin F., Baurely S., Rodden T. (2017): “Bread Stories: Understanding the drivers of bread consumption for digital food customization”. OzCHI 2017 – Human – Nature, Brisbane, Australia.

Tigkas P., Selinas P., Mylonaki D., (2015): “Down to Earth: A framework for empathizing with scientific data and invisible threats”. 66th International Astronautical Congress, Jerusalem, Israel.


Work Futures Group, School of Management, University of Bristol
Design Research Society (DRS)
Digital Societies, University of Bristol
University and College Union (UCU)