WandUlar was a response to the unsustainable life cycles of consumer electronics. The challenge was to design an emotionally durable object: What if our devices could last for a life?

The project was an initiative by FutureScapes, in collaboration with Sony and Forum of the Future. It brought together a multidisciplinary team of technologists, designers and sustainability professionals. The design team came up with a set of five prototypes, as well as an open toolkit. The prototypes were inspired by family rituals and artefacts, objects that people keep because of their emotional meaning rather than practical functionality. The final designs reimagine technological devises not as objects for individuals, but as part of a group, connecting users through memories instead of quantified data.

My role involved the creation of a story to support and contextualise the prototypes. That included character design, photo manipulation and the design of the presentation to Sony’s R&D and business development teams.

WandUlar was exhibited in the Design Museum in London in 2014, as part of the exhibition The Future Was Here, and in the Australian Design Museum.